23 November 2009

Tostada's for girls who like it to crunch. (And a sad farewell)

Yesterday, G and I went to Planet Organic up in Thornhill to do a little shopping before going to G's brother's house for lunch. We walked around and stumbled upon some baked tostadas that looked amazing. They were on sale (and only 2 points for 3 shells), we had to buy some!

So I came home, took some of our grass fed ground beef from Whole Foods, browned it up with about a third of an Old El Paso burrito mix. (Nothing but fancy at this food blogger's home, yes siree bob!) We served it with some shredded lettuce (don't gasp, I ate some too despite my hatred of hot lettuce), chopped tomato, g's fresh salsa,old cheddar, and mushed up avocado with hot sauce. Really a delicious dinner!

The tostada shells really held their own. They didn't get mushy and they had a really satisfying crunch with each bite. And I did chop up some carrot to mix with the meat and onion. Veggies were I can, you know? (I am like one of those mom's who puts "phantom" veg in everything to get the kids to eat them...in my case, I just do it to get me to eat more vegetables! G just shook her head in disbelief.)

And a sad, tearful goodbye is in order... I drank the last of my Harrod's English Breakfast tea... sad morning for this household, as this is one of my most favorite teas...

Sigh. I'll miss you delicious tea.

On the plus side, it means a trip to England is in order. STAT! (Sadly, this tea buying trip will have to wait, as for our new year holiday we have booked a cruise! I have never been on a cruise and am a bit nervous about it, but am sure it will be excellent! We are spending a couple of days in New Orleans and are interested in some good places to eat. We are thinking Nola for our "dinner out" and the Napoleon House for muffaleta's and the Joint for bbq. Thoughts? Drop me an email.)

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