05 November 2009

Turkey Gets Leftover.

Thanksgiving was a day of relaxation and cookery madness. We had so much leftover turkey that really, even with all of my efforts on the left-over sandwich front, I couldn't eat it all! So turkey tetrazzini to the rescue!

Oh yeah. And yes, you will notice on this blog that I like lots of creamy and rich food. I do. I am eating it much much less these days (and lighter easier to make versions to boot... and don't get me started on the difference reduced portion sizes make...) but I still love it.

So leftover turkey got the tetrazzini treatment. And I have to confess, I still remember clearly my first turkey tetrazzini dining experience. I was at my ex's house (when the ex was not an ex) and it was the Christmas holiday. His mom was making turkey tetrazzini out of leftovers and I was in a panic that I wasn't going to like it... but oh how wrong I was. I could have eaten the entire pan myself!

I've taken up the mantle on this recipe, and have made a lighter version of it that goes something like this...

Take about 2 cups of milk and mix in 1/3 cup flour. Whisk together then pour into a saucepan. Salt and pepper and then heat until thickens (about 10 minutes or so). Mix in a bunch of frozen peas, sauteed mushrooms cooked with onion and celery (that you've cooked up separately using a bit of cooking spray and water instead of oil), and a bunch of shredded turkey breast. Mix into that a healthy portion of broken up cooked spaghetti and mix in some cheddar cheese to taste (and if you are counting points, mix in enough to taste it while watching the difference larger portions make on the WW Recipe Builder). Place in a casserole pan big enough to contain all the delicious goodness and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes until the top is brown (broil it up if you need to). Then sit back and try to wipe the self-satisfied smile off your face.

I don't lie, it's just that good. It made me really happy to have this meal. It always reminds me of my ex's mom, but hey, that was a great Christmas, so no bad feelings there!

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