21 November 2009

It's All Good To Me -- or is it?

Gnocchi. Oh how I love thee. Yummy.

Another quick dinner. This one with a revolting twist that will not be repeated in our house ever ever ever again. We had gnocchi, and it's oddly okay on the points front, so we boiled it up and made a quick tomato sauce. We had some leftover sausage from Whole Foods (which was a bit vile to begin with, so we thought in sauce would be okay). G chopped it up and mixed it in the sauce. Spooned over the gnocchi we thought, how bad can it be?! It wasn't good. It was not good in the slightest. It was finish almost all of it but have it on repeat all night long not good.

But yeah, there it is.

(Still experimenting with the new camera...)

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