21 November 2009

Steak Dinner.

Sometimes, you just want simple dinner. Some protein, some starch, and some sweetness. A while ago (I am so behind, it's not even funny) we had just that sort of day... and there was born, the easy steak dinner...

I was making oven fries, and I overcooked them in my efforts to ensure a crispy chip. Oh, they were crispy... I cut up the fries into wedges, coated them in cooking spray, and baked them in a single layer in a 425 degree oven.

The corn was the last I believe of our CSA summer stock. Delicious to the last. Our meat was a simple steak from our meat CSA, which I topped with a little sauce made of mushrooms, onions and butter. Really a good dinner, and on the table in 45 minutes.

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