05 February 2010

A Day on the Points -- and quite a few over...

I am very excited. I got a new lens! It's pretty awesome. I have decided that the only way to learn how to use it is to use it... I am starting with pictures of my day...

Oh yes, the day just doesn't start right unless there is a mug of tea! A little milk, no sugar. Delicious. This with a couple glasses of water get me through the morning... (I didn't photograph the water glass.) This mug of tea is blurry because it's first thing in the morning. Okay, no, it's blurry because I suck at taking pictures, but I kept going... practice makes more practice!

And then breakfast...

Oatmeal with a teaspoon of peanut butter and some maple syrup. I really have to be in the mood for oatmeal, but I've found that eating the oatmeal with peanut butter helps me not eat (or really crave) peanut butter all day, so that's a good thing.

Multiple gallons of water later, it was time for lunch!

Today's menu.. meatball subs leftover from last night's dinner...

A few Baked Lay's on the side. The meatballs are of the frozen variety, cooked with a tomato sauce and topped with half a slice of fat free cheese and cooked mushrooms and red peppers. Served in a Pita Break One hot dug bun. Really delicious and pretty low point.

I was pretty full from lunch and was on my way to having a healthy dinner when I bought myself a present (more on that maybe later) and we went off to have Winterlicious dinner at Byzantium.

Bad idea. Well, no, let me restate that. Not the most on point meal ever, but I am still within my points and will be provided that I follow the proper path. But dinner was AMAZING and I was really happy to have it.

I started my meal off with a glass of red...

Yeah! Fish Hoek Shiraz, from South Africa. It was delicious and reminded me of the vacation that we went on to SA last year.

And then came the food... first up... the Byz Caesar Salad.

Their salad is amazing! It comes in a bread rolly thing and is lightly dressed with a couple slices of cheese, no bacon, roaste garlic, and a little bit of lettuce. I ate about 2/3 of it and really enjoyed it.

I moved on from there to have my favorite thing... Byzantium makes a completely awesome hamburger. I had it a couple of years ago and they took it off the menu for reasons unknown to me (I still am shocked that I was not consulted on this decision). The hamburger is an amazing thing... check it out...

I ate one of the onion rings (and just the onion), the frites and salad, and about two thirds of the hamburger. It was really amazingly delicious. I was so full after. Crazy delicious!

For dessert, carrot cake!!!! Yeah!!!

WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY was this beautiful carrot cake surrounded by a mass of disgusting mango juice crap? I hate mango. It tastes like sweat. No good. But the carrot cake was delicious and the cream cheese ws lovely, as well. I enjoyed every bite of the, again, about two thirds I ate.

So all in all, about a 40 point day. Whew. Not so good, since the daily limit is 19 for me. But, as I said, still within my points for the week (I roll over on Wednesday's) so tomorrow is another day.

How was your day?!

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