07 February 2010

On Point and Delicious.

So after the hamburger binge of the day before, Saturday was an on point day!

I started the day with my morning training run. 2 miles!

That's my 5K training schedule (thank you Hal Higdon!)... the 2 miles went pretty smoothly. I have downloaded a bunch of new songs for my iPod and so I was really feeling it. You'll see on my schedule that I alternate running with Wii cross-training days (EA Sports Active)... it seems to be a combination that is working. I feel strong and I am not constantly sore, which is brilliant.

After the run, I came home and made G and I some breakfast sandwiches. Nothing special, so no photos. Just a fried egg (in a non-stick pan so no added points), a very toasty English Muffin, some old cheddar, and for me, one slice of bacon and some ketchup. Yummy.

We then took off for errand running and ice skating lessons! The second lesson went really well. I feel like I am getting the hang of it, and today, we even learned how to skate backwards. It was really cold yesterday and the ice was crazily slick. I really enjoyed it, though. It's challenging but I am pretty proud of myself for trying despite my terror!

We realized that we hadn't had a lot to eat, especially since it was now after 5pm! We ate a couple of Fibre 1 bars, and then went home to make dinner...

Oh yeah, crispy turkey schnitzel with brown rice and asparagus. It may not seem glamorous, but it totally hit the spot last night. We had bought some very thin turkey scallopini that G breaded in WW bread crumbs and spices. The brown rice was a new try, we found this parboiled brand that all you have to do is boil the rice like pasta. It seemed to work, though G felt it was a bit dry. The asparagus was on sale at the Loblaws, so we had to get some. Lightly steamed, it was a delicious addition to the day!

We ended the day with some President's Choice low-fat hot chocolate (which RULES) and all in all, it was a good day. Went too long between breakfast and dinner due to the no lunch situation, but all in all, on point and delicious.

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Sally said...

We used the Hal Higdon 5k training schedule as well and it was awesome!


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