02 February 2010

New Widget.

As you can see on the sidebar over there, I have added a daily mile running widget. I am running three times a week, slowly building up for first a 5K then a 10K in August. If that all goes well, I am CONSIDERING (emphasis on the CONSIDERING) a half-marathon (something I have ALWAYS wanted to do) in 2011. But I gotta build it up. Dailymile.com is pretty cool it syncs with my nike+ so it does all it's own updating and I read a few blogs who use this at present, so I am going to test run it. If I hate it, I can lose it pretty easily. So there's the update on that.

Oh yeah, and that paprikash underneath this post, YUM! It makes me hungry just to read about it. AND my new lens is on the way, I should get it tomorrow!!! Lots of exciting things (if you're me)... and we're going away on holiday soon.

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