04 February 2010

Thai Green Curry -- bad photo, nice dinner.

In BBC Goodfood's weekend round-up, I found a great recipe for a No-Fry Chicken Green Curry and decided that since we had some green curry paste AND light coconut milk in the cupboard, we would give it a go.

And yeah for giving it a go!

Mmmm, super white food in a white bowl in low light looks like blue food in a blue bowl. No good. (I am getting a new lens next week, fingers crossed that it helps little ol' me take some better low light handheld photos!)

This obviously has red pepper and peas in it, and thin slivers of tender chicken breast (my favorite)... yum!!! This link will take you to the recipe... http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1478/nofry-thai-curry.jsp ... and I highly recommend it! We lightened it up a bit with light coconut milk, etc., and still really loved it.

1 comment:

g said...

yeah, tasted a whole lot better than this blue plate special looks!


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