04 February 2010

Help for Haiti.

A bunch of food bloggers got together and made a cookbook for Haiti relief called Blog Aid. According to Everybody Likes Sandwiches (who just suffered the loss of her mother), the details are as follows:

The wonderful Julie of Dinners with Julie had an idea. She enlisted some truly fabulous writers, chefs and bloggers (I'm lucky to be in their company) to create a cookbook and got the whole shebang done in under 3 weeks. A full colour cookbook available in both hard cover ($50 USD) and soft cover ($25 USD). Seriously, you can read about all her hard work here.

But the gist of the thing is that Julie partnered up with some talented folks with 100% of the book's proceeds going to Haiti via Doctors without Borders. What's more is that both the production company and the printer are matching the dollars raised to TRIPLE the amount of money going to Haiti. Add to that, until February 12th, the Canadian government will match that amount. There's the potential for a lot of money to be raised for the Haitian people.

(I hope she doesn't mind my direct quote!)

I was not involved, but I ordered my copy and am happy to help. What an amazing concept and a brilliant way to help. And kudos to the production company and printer company for helping out, as well.

The link above goes to the hardcover version for $50USD, but you can also order the book in softcover for $25USD. A BARGAIN and the proceeds help people who really need it. And you get a cookbook you don't need but may really want and love. Who doesn't win in this scenario?! Yes, Haiti has a long way to go and yes, there probably isn't very much you can do individually, BUT, you can buy this cookbook. So get to it!

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