29 July 2007

the St. Lawrence Bounty.

Yesterday was such a great market day that I have to confess, while eating my very favorite "Breakfast on a Bun", holding our piles and piles of farm veggies, and listening to the aging folky singing "That's what you get for loving me", my life felt so near perfect that I got a little teary.

Where to start...

With a soccer game at noon, we knew we had to get up and out of the house in order to make it to the farmer's market part of the St. Lawrence Market before all the good veg was gone. We needn't had worried. The stalls were overflowing with veg. So many things are in season, we were trying vegetables, buying new things, and just generally enjoying supporting our local farmers, who seemed genuinely chuffed at the interest in local foods.

First up... purple green beans. Which I guess makes them purple beans. But they are really purple green beans...Then on to the beautiful peppers... Look at this selection!

Look at those purple peppers. (Somehow, purple veg had a particular gasp inducing quality yesterday.) For $2, how can you not go nuts with those babies? So peppers were put in our shopping bags, and on to the next excitement...

Squash... lots of pattypan, zuke, and heretofore unknown types... what a thing of beauty those squashes were... so of course, in the bag they went!


And the veg just kept coming. From here, we went inside and started walking the aisles of the farmstall regulars. I think the produce is cheaper at the St. Lawrence is because it isn't all organic, which, as I've said before, I love the local produce.

Those carrots came home with us...

I love the sign, 'Farmers Feed Cities'. And they sure were feeding the folks of Toronto yesterday! Lots of walking around, trying delicacies, then off to the main market for our meat purchases...AND... my favourite Breakfast on a Bun!!!

Ketchup. Peameal bacon. Fried egg. Cheese. Portuguese roll. It's heaven on a bun, not just breakfast on a bun. It's so amazing. I really can't express how satisfying this sandwich is.

G, on the other hand, can't get behind it. So Veal Parm with sweet and hot peppers rocked her clock...

I know that pic came out dark... sorry.

And then the bounty... we couldn't resist getting home and dumping it all on the table for a grand photo...

Look at it all!!! The mushrooms are for tonight's attempt at making Jamie Oliver's gnocchi with wild mushroom. I am a wee bit nervous... but excited. Wish me luck!!!!

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Sally said...

That is certainly a mother lode of veggies! Woo, woo!


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