16 December 2007

Busy weekend.


G is not a huge fan of the Christmas tree. BUT she is a huge fan of penguins. Try to mix the two, and we have a near hit in our home!!! This one is particularly cute, and he has a good vibe that makes him the perfect mascot for our treats weekend!

Yesterday started with a bit of a blow out. I woke up with an amazingly sharp migraine, and ended up spending about two extra hours in bed just trying to sleep it off after taking the big medicines. Oddly, I was scheduled for a massage yesterday (which I do to help migraines) and it was a welcome hour, indeed. From there, we were off to Toys R' Us to get a Christmas present that they didn't have (from 'the Golden Compass'... the store clerk said, "uhhh, didn't that just come out? We won't have those toys for awhile" as if toys aren't sold WITH a movie release)... and then to the grocery store as the massive snow began pounding, as we missed our trip to the St. Lawrence thanks to the migraine.

During my massage, I laid there thinking of having a delicious roast chicken dinner with stuffing made in muffin tins and roasted potatoes and peas. I was practically drooling. G was apparently in the same mood, so dinner was devised. G also made some excellent carrot ginger soup.

Look at the steam rising off this bad boy! G makes lots of great food, but her soup is always really really fantastic!

There's the bounty. Chicken, muffin tin stuffing (yum yum yum) with roast carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and lovely lovely peas. Oh it's a holiday season!!! G and I are often a bit hesitant to make such big dinners just for us, but we both wanted to have it and it's my last weekend home (going back to OK next Saturday), so we decided to spend some time together and just have a nice night.

Then the snow started....

This was this morning, right as the very worst of the storm was beginning. This is from our sunroom/dining room window. It's been really beautiful watching this massive snow storm. I don't know that I have ever seen so much snow at one time. It's crazy.

And we knew it was time to start our Holiday cooking for work....

Which is going to have to wait for an update because we are due upstairs to have dinner with our friends who live in the building, and to play Wii. Woo hoo!!!

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