11 December 2007

Huevos Me Baby!

G is at a work function tonight, and I am all groovy tunes at home by my lonesome with the new Jamie at Home cookbook burning a hole in my bag. I decided that instead of ordering dinner like my lazy self is apt to do on nights alone, I would rustle up some dinner that I particularly love.

Back in the day, I stayed with a friend for a couple of months in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I fell in love with the breakfast at a little restaurant off the Plaza, who's name I can not remember at all. But, they made the most amazing Huevos Ranchero that I fell in love with. I have made it off and on, and as it's not a fave of G's, I haven't had it in awhile.

So tonight, I made it for myself. It's not pretty...

But man, it's delish.

The big pile of chile sauce in the middle is actually two flour tortillas (all outta corn here) stuffed with beans and cheese and covered in sauce with cheese on top. The eggs are on the side.

Don't believe me about the beans?

Oh ye of little faith.

So my recipe...

Santa Fe Style Huevos Rancheros
serves 1

3 large free-range eggs
1/3 cup chile sauce (I use an enchilada sauce that I bring back from Oklahoma)
1/3 cup or so of extra old cheddar
1/3 cup of beans (I use pinto, but whatever ya got)
2 tortillas

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Warm chile sauce. Put one tortilla on a cookie sheet. Top with beans, cheese and a few dollops of sauce. Cover with other tortilla.
Put the remaining sauce on the tortilla top and sprinkle cheese. Put in oven for about 7-10 minutes.
Once the tortilla is in the oven, make the scrambled eggs. Cook them until they are done they way you like them.
Take tortilla mash-up out of the oven, transfer carefully to a plate and top with egg.

Now, back to Jamie at Home. I wanted to buy this when I was in the UK in October, but I equally didn't want to schlep it around the UK. So, I waited thinking it would be out here (Canada) soon. Well. I found it wasn't going to be released until January.

Then, the newsletter from the Cookbook Store came. They had ordered UK copies and had them for sale. But I waited.

Then over the weekend, I went to the Cookbook Store to buy a Nigel Slater cookbook. (I have developed a very real fondness for him. I think it's from reading 'Toast' last Christmas...) Anyway, I saw that they had two copies of the Jamie book on hold. I was told that new ones were coming in this week and that I should put my name down. I said that I would wait until it came out regularly in January, and the clerk said, "Oh no, it's not coming out until March or April now!" Needless to say, my name got put down and the book is in my bag waiting for me to sit down and read it. Once the blog is updated, I say!

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