01 December 2007

My Grandma.

My Grandmother, my only remaining Grandparent died on Thursday. It has been a difficult time because the airfare to go home was well over $1000 and that was a bit undoable. My Grandma has been very sick for a very long time, so in its own way it is a blessing. Mom said she looked more at peace than she has since Grandpa died, which was easily 15 years or so ago.

I thought that in the spirit of keeping a food blog, I would tell you a story about my Grandmother that I always found very endearing, that dealt with her love of food! My relationship with her has always been a bit strained, and nearly non-existent since I left Oklahoma five or so years ago.

Grandma told me a story about how, when she was a young girl, her family was having a nice dinner with guests, and it was a very important dinner (though I forget why now). Grandma's Mom had spent all day making the dinner, which included fresh made biscuits. Grandma told me that she smelled the biscuits cooking and was in love with the soft insides of fresh made biscuits. So, tummy growling with anticipation, Grandma spirited away the biscuits and ate all the insides out of the biscuits by making a tiny hole on the bottom of each! She put the biscuits back on the table and didn't say a word. When dinner was served, imagine the surprise when people cut open their biscuits and found no insides!! Grandma said she got in major trouble after everyone left, and being Freewill Baptists in small town Oklahoma, I imagine that was considerable!

I love that story, and I have to say that I have spent the last few days pondering early memories (some of course food related!) tied to the days before Grandpa died and Grandma got so sick.


Anonymous said...

That was a sweet story. But just another FYI moment, Grandpa died more than 20 yrs ago, which does in fact mean we are OLD.

And I would like to share, that anyone who would like to know should ask Jennifer about the story concerning our Grandmother and J's chosen attire to wear to school one day. :)
Love ya!
YAB (Your Anonymous Brother)

dynagrrl said...

Hardy har har.


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