13 December 2007

Enchiladas, Thy Name is Dinner!

Last night, I was feeling very down in the dumps, so I had the great idea of ordering dinner from a local Chinese delivery place. An hour or so later lukewarm, stuck together noodle dishes were left at our door. Gross.

I have finally hit a place where I realize that my love of eating at home has surpassed my hatred of doing dishes (and eating late after a late night at work). I don't know when it happened. I don't know when eating out became choice B, but it clearly has. Dinner not from home is only good if it's either really really good, or made by someone else with love. Clearly our delivery last night was neither.

With that in mind, tonight we embarked on using a few leftovers that are burning holes in their kitchen locations. First we had the remaining enchilada sauce from the Huevos the other night, and we still have frozen turkey meat from Thanksgiving. Throw in some newly bought corn tortillas, an aging avocado, and left-over pinto beans from Huevos night and you've got all the fixin's for turkey enchiladas!

Not having the patience to roll the enchiladas individually, I instead made the enchiladas lasagna style. It was really lovely. The dinner plate was a palate pleasing mash up of softish foods...

The largest section of this plate is the enchilada, then the purple-y mass is the beans with salsa and sour cream mixed in, and the green glump is the avocado. Really really nice, as Jamie Oliver would say, though probably not about this...

Anyway, it's really nice to be able to come home and put dinner together quickly. It's cheaper, it's bound to be healthier than most take-aways, AND, if I get home first and put it together, G has to do the dishes. Everyone wins.

(And please say a little prayer for the folks in Oklahoma who were hit with a major ice storm this week. My best friend had a tree fall into his house, but luckily no one was hurt. My Mom and Brother were very lucky... no major anything, however, I want it all to be running smoothly again in anticipation of my visit home over Xmas!)

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