20 December 2007

I'll be home for Christmas...(knock on wood)

In anticipation of the fierce storm we had last weekend, and the upcoming holidays, G and I spent last Sunday stirrin' and cookin' up a storm of our own! I am eating one of the fruits of our labour... PUPPY CHOW! I don't know if this exists where you are, or if the thought of it makes you wanna hurl (as it does G), but puppy chow is one of the best things for Christmas.

Oh yeah....

In these little chows is an excellent assortment of fixings...

The gatorade in the bag was the medicine for my migraine. (If you aren't aware of this, and you suffer from migraines or stress headaches, I find that drinking some gatorade, provided I can keep it down, works miracles.)

Oh the recipe... but of course!

1/2 stick butter
1 bag chocolate chips

1 c. peanut butter
1 box Crispix cereal
2 cps Powdered sugar
Melt butter together with chocolate chips; mix well with peanut butter. Stir in Crispix. Take plastic bag filled with powdered sugar and shake Crispix mixture until evenly coated with powdered sugar.

I took a whack of it to work, and it went over a treat. Everyone really liked it, even the Fed Ex guy gave it the thumbs up!!! I was asked repeatedly for the recipe, and it's so easy, you hate to let people in on the secret!

We also made some excellent red and green rice krispie treats... but I failed to take a photo of the red ones...

But here's an action shot of the treats being made...

Oh yeah.

Now you may be wondering if we did any actual BAKING, and the answer is yes. I made a great peanut butter cookie that I overcooked. It was supposed to be a batch of thumbprint cookies...

BUT... the thumbprint baked out, so they became white chocolate covered peanut butter cookies...

And then... due to their overwhelming teeth-breaking quality after they set... they became crumbs to sprinkle on vanilla ice cream. Heartbreak. The cookie recipe was from Cooking Light magazine, and I should have trusted the recipe and removed those cookies, but I didn't. Live and learn. I still had a blast making them, and we ate the thickest ones with friendswhile we played Wii tennis and bowling at their apartment.

All the same, I took the squares and the puppy chow to work and it was a huge success. I guess I should be somewhat ashamed that the ones that worked were the ones that didn't have to be baked... but no shame.

I am heading home on Saturday. I can't wait. I have pretty much wrapped up all my year end stuff at work, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to just sort of ride the tide until it's time to go. I pretty much packed tonight, and I am currently decking out my Ipod with some eppies of Torchwood and my favorite Christmas movie, The Santa Clause. It's all about making sure the flight home is smooth and that I am entertained thoroughly (ha ha).

Otherwise, I have done all my Christmas shopping, and am really looking forward to going home and having all the food highlights... Taco Bueno, chicken fried steak, Coney Islander, hamburger cobbler, Christmas dinner!!! Not that it's allll about the food, but really, the plan is to go home (G isn't going this year) and just really hang out with my mom and brother, and just enjoy spending some time together. I really can't wait.

Happy Holiday's everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many blogs that I read practically daily, the brilliant Matt Bites, theFood Pornographer, Smitten Kitchen, Writing at the Kitchen Table, Gluten-Free Girl, Running With Tweezers, etc. All these blogs give me so many ideas for things to try that it's really been beyond fun. I know that my little attempts at blogging aren't yet at the level of those, but I love plugging away at it, and knowing that people can keep up with me even if they don't have time to write (or I don't have time to write!). (In fact, recently when I wrote my father after a particularly long absence he said, 'I wasn't worried. You updated your blog! When you stop updating your blog, then I will worry!)

And while I am at it, I am really thankful for the friends that I have who have been there for me throughout this very difficult year, and to the people at my office who have given me so much support and a new environment to stretch my wings, and to my family and G, who are really beyond words. I am really blessed, although I do sometimes lose sight of that, so that is on the list of things to "do better" in 2008. And it starts here. So thanks!!!

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