02 December 2007

McDonald's Ireland

Since I started traveling, I have been quite keen to try McDonald's everywhere we visit. I know it's stupid, but there's something so ubiquitous about McDonald's that I love trying it in different countries to see if it really is the same.

So late one evening as G and I were walking about in Galway, I was really hungry and we decided to use the opportunity to sidle into McD's and have a taste.


Very McD's standard, though the ketchup was very vinegary, though it tasted like the cheap no name brand we used to buy at Albertson's when I was a child.

But the Quarter Pounder was remarkably different.

The hamburger was incredibly chewy, the cheese was quite orange, and the ketchup and mustard had quite the kick. But it was comforting and fulfilling the 'McD's Tastes of the World' all the same.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, are you high? We never, and I repeat never, bought no-name-brand ketchup. We may have had it at other places, but we did not have it at home - which just so people know, was not a shack out somewhere in the woods while Momma was coal-minin'.
Your Anonymous Brother

dynagrrl said...

I think you owe me an apology, big brother. We did too by the Albertson's brand ketchup. And Momma didn't coal mine, she was a-nursin' the sick.


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