30 June 2008

Boneta Loves You Indeed.

G had a business dinner that I was invited to join while in Vancouver, so I could not take photos, though after having met the people we dined with, I don't think they would have cared! But one doesn't know that when going into a situation, so on the Friday night I did not take pictures of the food, despite the earth-shattering goodness of the dinner.

Where did we go? Boneta in Gastown. Wow. The food was absolutely amazing. I am not going to go into what everyone ordered, but I will hit the highlights...

G had another carpaccio, this time made of bison, and rocking the house. Really nice. For my main, I had the roasted lamb loin with ratatouille (rat patootie), spinach, lamb cheek cappelletti, and rosemary jus. It was delicious! The cappelletti was very tender and the lamb cheek (shredded) inside was so savory! The cheek was very tender and very very rich. The loin was perfectly cooked (not too rare, but pink enough to still be tender) and the ratatouille was served on top of the spinach, which ensured that I ate the spinach because it made the whole lot taste lovely.

For dessert, I had the caramel bavaroise with breton sable, caramelised apple and vanilla parfait. You will notice that out of all the heavy dinners we had, this was the only place I had dessert. That happened for a couple of reasons... one) everyone else was ordering and two) the portions weren't huge and I was in the mood for something sweet.

The meal was amazing and the conversation delightful. I entered the evening with a mind-numbing migraine, and after a couple of "two twenty twos" so kindly offered by our guest, I left the restaurant headache free. Needless to say, I went to the pharmacy the next day and got my own. (These miracle pills are over the counter aspirin, caffeine and codeine pills. Amazing. Go Canada.)

While at dinner, we had a celebrity sighting... Gil Bellows was there. He was at a birthday party, it appeared, and seemed in good spirits. I really enjoyed the dinner and would go back there in a second. It's a great place and really comfortable. Oh, and all the waitresses had lovely tattoos. Cool.

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