15 June 2008

A Few Dinners.

We have had a few interesting -ish meals this past week. We tried Good View Restaurant for Chinese takeaway the other night. It was one of those instances where you aren't sure what to order, so you just get a bunch of things. Here's a look at my plate about four bites into it:

We ordered chicken fried rice, tingly beef and black bean, spicy chicken, egg foo young (which was a GIANT omelet), some fried dumplings, and a noodle dish that only G ate. The food was really pretty good, not crazily expensive, and just fine.

We have been having lots of asparagus since it's in season right now, so here's a dish utilizing the asparagus. Or it would have done, had I not roasted it for so long it carmelized, which is nice in a way, but not really. We bought a spatchcocked chicken from Cumbrae's that was marinating away in piri piri sauce, and I made a potato salad. Really good.

The potato salad was a first try for me. Here's a close-up:

I used a few small new potatoes, boiled them until they were softish. While hot, I mixed them with some dijon and olive oil that I blended with salt and pepper and lemon juice. I then added fresh chopped parsley and thinly sliced red onion that had been soaked in cold water for about 30 minutes. I really enjoyed it. I think it was too creamy for G, but I really liked it.

Friday's dinner. Well. It just wasn't right. G wanted to try to make scallops. Now you may have noticed that there is a lack of all things fishy on this blog, and that's because I am really not keen. Really. Not keen. At all. But G wanted to try scallops, and so I saw a recipe in delicious. magazine that we decided to try. It sounded good. Scallops, chickpeas, lemon. But no. It wasn't good. This was my plate.

I ate one and a half scallops, a couple of the asparagus that was too undercooked, and a few chickpeas. Then I threw it away and made a grilled cheese sandwich. Yummy. It's not that G's food was bad. It was just too many things not working on one plate. So scallops, at least for the time being, are better left to the professionals.

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