30 June 2008

Lift Off!

We had lunch at a restaurant in (near?) Stanley Park on Saturday, after attending the conference. The restaurant was called Lift and is right on the water.

Because it was such a beautiful day, we opted to sit out on the patio. And because it was Vancouver, we opted to order fish and chips.

Oh baby!

Lightly fried Halibut served with delish pomme frites, tartar sauce and coleslaw. And a cute bunch of condiments... Don't believe me? I warned you!

Ahhhh. Little pots of ketchup and some malt vinegar.

And cocktails... the photo of me below is at this restaurant, where I had a little bubbly. G ordered a martini...

It was so fantastic... The view was beautiful... I can show you... I have the technology...

Vancouver is so ugly. Blech. (tee hee.)

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