15 June 2008

Winfield's, not just for old people...

G's parent's love this restaurant in their old neighborhood called Winfield's. It seems to have a Greek theme, but it's one of those places with lots of stuff on the menu. G's dad wanted to have dinner, and we agreed to go somewhere in between their new house and our house. So there we were at Winfield's.

G's dad ordered the French Onion Soup. It was cheeeeeeeeesssssssssssssy.

Whoa. It was really tasty, though. Nice and beefy, lots of onion, the bread was cutable, and the cheese delightfully stringy. He seemed to enjoy it.

G's mom ordered the prime rib. I don't get prime rib, it always seems so fatty and thick and raw. I know it's supposed to be deluxe, but I have never seen an instance where prime rib made me think, 'oh yeah, that's exactly what I want!!!'. At least I don't think it has. Who can say.

Anyway... I took a photo anyway...

I don't now. This piece was incredibly fatty. G's mom wasn't too impressed.

I ordered the chicken souvlaki, which came with rice, potatoes and salad. Oh, and chicken.

There was way too much salad. But then, I am not a huge salad eater. But everything else was just fine. G had the lamb souvlaki, so it looked exactly like my plate, but with brown bits of meat instead of white bits of meat.

The price is pretty good, the servings are fine, and the food is generally okay. It's full of old people at the hour that we tend to go, but it's all okay when you have good company and nice conversation.

But that being said, I'd never likely eat there of my own will without it being related to G's parents in some manner. Not that it's bad, there's just a lot of better places that are closer to home, etc.

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