15 June 2008

My villi.

The doctor and lab tech are looking at my villi. I imagine they look something like this drawing above. Who knows. During my procedures the other week, the doctor took several biopsies, some of which were of my villi. The purpose of the villi test was to see if there was any damage that would/could be caused by celiac. When I did the gluten-free trial, my stomach felt much better, but the blood work was borderline, so the doctor wanted to give it a look to see if anything else was going on... So that means looking at the villi.

I should get the results this coming week. Dietary changes are on the horizon. We'll see how it goes. It seems that if it's celiac or IBS, I have been told by several medical professionals that I appear to have a wheat intolerance (which differs from an allergy) so we will see if cutting that out makes any sort of difference. Regardless of what the GI scope and colonoscopy show, I have to do something to make my stomach less upset. I did buy some Hyland's Homeopathic Upset Stomach today. Has anyone tried this? I love their Calm's Forte, so I hope this new one works. I have taken my weight in Gravol this past two weeks, so I am looking for something a little less hardcore.

ANYWAY, let's see what happens. It seems like this has been the slowboat to diagnosis, but we are getting closer!!!

(And for those who may not have spent the last 8 months or so investigating stomach ailments, villi are little things that line the small intestines, and are responsible for food absorption, etc.  When a person has celiac, the villi become damaged, so intestinal biopsies are the final diagnostic step for concluding celiac.) 

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