30 June 2008

Food and Wine Recommends...

I really wanted to try "Italian Kitchen"... I had read about it in Food and Wine magazine, I love Italian food, and I just thought it sounded amazing. But I landed in Vancouver with a killer headache, and after a day of conferencing, I felt completely spent on Thursday (our only available night for this restaurant). I put on jeans and my mary jane crocs (that I love love love) and a cozy shirt, and we set out to do something low key.

And then we walked by the Italian Kitchen. And we had to stop and go in and eat dinner. And I felt underdressed. And I didn't have my camera. And I enjoyed every single delicious bite of my food.

So, I am going to tell you about it, even though I can't show it to you.

First, we started with a lovely order of the prosciutto bruschetta. It is served on their pizza crust, and was really simple and delicious. G ordered the beef tenderloin carpaccio with gorgonzola polenta... really really nice. The carpaccio was wafer thin and had a beautiful wedge of parmesan with it. The polenta was creamy and a lovely counter to the carpaccio.

For our main courses, we both ordered the handmade gnocchi with wild mushrooms. Wow. The gnocchi were really heavenly, thick and nicely matched by the fantastically creamy goat cheese. The wild mushrooms were amazing, softly sauteed and buttery. I really really enjoyed my dinner and highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an amazing dinner in a comfortable setting. I was thrilled to no end to be eating there!

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