25 September 2008

Apron Madness.

Let's just get this out in the open right now. I have the best brother in the whole entire world.

I had said that I really wanted a cool French-style apron, but couldn't find one that struck my fancy. Then my bro made this to sell on his zazzle site...


I know! It totally rules the school!!!! Buy your own here. I ordered it (obviously) in the yellow colour, the print comes out a blue-y green. It's really quite lovely and I am consistently impressed with the quality of Zazzle stuff. I have bought the coolest Harry Potter mug that says "This Mug is a Portkey", but was disappointed when it finally came in the mail that it in fact WASN'T a portkey. I blame Zazzle, but I still use the mug.

(And, since this blog entry is all about my brother's brilliance, I have to say I think it's amazing that he was interviewed on crowdspring.com! Read all about him and his large academic brain, and then buy an apron (or some rocking Thanksgiving cards that he made).

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