25 September 2008

A Lunch to Write About.

This time of year, the best foods are often the simplest.

G and I were given a basket of lovely home grown tomatoes and after a quick trip to the Market to get the basics, we came home and had lovely cheese, tomato and olive oil sandwiches.

We bought this lovely 7 year aged cheddar at one of the cheese stalls at the St. Lawrence Market. It was a cheese untested moment, but it ended up being delicious. The tomatoes from Fernanda's garden were really juicy and ripe, though she says the quality this year isn't as good because it hasn't been hot enough. I say they were prefect! And the olive oil is this Israeli brand that we bought a bit ago. It has a really strong taste, and G just loves it. I will see what the brand is later (blogging from bed this morning...).

(And why am I blogging from bed on a Thursday?! Oh the decadence! My Mom is visiting from the States and I took today and tomorrow off to spend with her. She's still asleep so I am just letting her sleep and doing some blog maintenance. But we are off to the spa and for a nice dinner (I hope I can take photos) and a relaxing weekend.)

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