14 September 2008

Bento Mania.

I am weak to the power of suggestion. And my desire for cute things. And my jealousy of things that others have.

It's true.

Weak weak weak.

So when the Food Pornographer, one of my most favorite food bloggers, started accumulating her bento boxes, I was weak in the knees with jealousy. WEAK IN THE KNEES. So of course, I started scouring the world for my Shinzi Katoh bento box.

Then one day, out of nowhere, I found it. Some store in Yorkville, locked in a cabinet, there it was. And being both girly and childish, I let out a scream of joy! The bento was MINE!

So it's two tiered, pretty small, but cuter than cute.

I am even stealing some of the Food Pornographer's lunch ideas. We made itsy bitsy meatballs that I used in it, and we'll be making some shish kebab's later this week. I love it.


TFP said...

fantastic! will you be featuring bento photos? :)

you are so lucky you could find shinzi katoh stuff in a shop! still haven't even found bento stuff here. I've had to order it all online.

Anonymous said...

Check our http://CookingForMonkeys.com for more bento ideas and shinzi katoh goodness


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