07 September 2008

Ontario Science Centre.

I have always been fascinated with the planet Mars. I can't really articulate why. I have read many books on Mars (being particularly fascinated by the Red Mars series), and was very excited to see that the Ontario Science Centre was having a special Mars exhibition!

We had the best time!!!

Yeah. That's me. Operating the Canadarm.

While we were there, we decided to eat lunch. There's a cafe called Coyote Jack's downstairs, and we decided to try it out.

I had a cheeseburger meal.

It was okay. It was funny. I looked around the room at all the people eating, and the clear favorite was the Pizza Pizza on offer. The healthy family there, and yes there was only one to the naked eye) were having soup and salad. Honestly, they looked like a cult in this room full of crap food.

The food was fine. Not blow you away but not throw it away uneaten, either.

I've thought alot lately about how and why people eat. It's funny, but I can't get behind people who don't take any joy in eating.

What do I mean?!! WELLLLLLL..... for example......

G and I went to the Milestone's restaurant at Yonge and Dundas. Really nice. We sat on the patio over Yonge street, enjoying the warm day and watching the people go by outside. We sat next to this ritzy looking family, it was the daughter's birthday. As I often see happen, the Dad had ordered a gigantic bowl of pasta with cream sauce. The Mom and Daughter both ordered a relatively small salmon salad and moaned at how incredibly big it was and how they could never finish it all. Which they didn't. Where's the joy?

I had a fantastic casesar salad...

And finished it off with a pretty great italian sausage ravioli...

Delicious. The pasta was really stuffed with sausage... the sauce on top was really fresh tasting, and the bread was pretty nice. I really enjoyed it.

Can you imagine not being in a place where you enjoyed food?! I just read the Twilight series and while I really enjoyed it, I kept thinking, why oh why would Bella want to give up eating food?! I think I have priority issues.

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aloria said...

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