14 September 2008

Cabbagetown Festival.

One of the greatest things about living in my neighborhood is that this 'hood really is a microcosm of living in Toronto.

Last weekend (I think) was the Cabbagetown Festival. G and I decided to walk over and see what all of the hub bub was about. Little did I know that I was going to be given the opportunity to take part in an amazing street treat. As we were walking around, I hear someone calling out to me while cooking sounds fill the air.

I turn...

Hello Sir!!! Yes! I would love to have a plate of your delicious smelling chicken kottu roti.

And so for $5, I got this...

Oh yeah!!!!!!! The joys of living near the Sri Lankan part of town! This was absolutely delicious. G and I shared it and I still could not finish this mountain of chicken-y roti. I love it!!!

The rest of the Festival? I didn't really get it. There was just a bunch of people selling weird stuff and some food vendors. Oh, and the ubiquitous Pizza Pizza booth. But whatever, it was nice to be out and about, and the kottu roti was fabulous. G orders this alot from Rashnaa, but this was my first full order of it. I really enjoyed it, and the guy cooking it up was quite proud of this vittles.

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Sally said...

My mom grew up in Cabbagetown!


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