07 September 2008

Some place new...

The other night, G and I wanted to go out for dinner, but wanted to go somewhere we'd never been before. The criteria? Nice location, close to home, and decent food.

G started reading menus on-line. We decided to go to Le Papillon.

It was a good choice.

For the main course, we had the Pave de Rumsteak. It was the recommendation made by our very friendly waiter, and it was delightful.

Oh yeah. A lovely steak. Lovely frites. Delicious veggies. The steak was served with a brandy butter sauce, and was totally amazing. The meat was tender, juicy, and full of flavour. The frites were crispy and came with a little side of ketchup (not pictured). The waiter was spot on. He said that this was his favorite steak on the menu (and the cheapest!), and he was spot-on.

We enjoyed our steak, having already decided before we got there that we would go the no app yes to dessert to route. (This is a long story, but the short version is that we are really seriously watching what we eat in preparation for our South Africa trip...it's a team effort!)

The waiter brought over the dessert menu. He had one more recommendation up his sleeve, though he seemed uncertain about making it unasked. He dropped off the menu, started to walk away, and then came back. He said, "If you want to know a nice dessert, I would recommend the Pouding Chomeur. It's the staff favorite, we all really love it." We read through it, a rich golden cake baked with caramel sauce and served with French vanilla ice cream."

Wow. Really, there weren't words to describe how amazing this was... It was so delicious. The cake was soft and slightly chewy and creamy from the caramel. The ice cream was cold and creamy, and a nice sidekick to the warm cake. I'd definitely order this again.

My Mom is coming to visit soon for her birthday (yeah!) and I think G and I might take her here for her birthday. I mean, how can she not love it?! It was so tasty, and pretty reasonably priced.

I highly recommend it. It's on front street near the St. Lawrence Market, and is in the old Izakiya space. It's very sweet inside. It's cozy and big. I will let you know what Mom thinks.

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