08 May 2007

Another Tuesday night on the town...

Tonight was actually a really warm night. The first really warm, you-could-wear-shorts-if-you-weren't-perpetually-cold-like-me warm. So G and I decided to go out and sit on a patio. We went to Margarita's in Cabbagetown. We have that charity coupon book with the two for ones, and it's such a bargain! We have used quite a bit of it, and will continue to use them... we've easily saved $50!

Oh yeah. It's all good. This is actually a really decent restaurant. They have a lot of vegetarian options, so we tend to eat there with our friends P & D.

Anyway, tonight, I had the Tacos Casero. They were strips of meat, cooked with peppers and onions, served with a little queso fresco on soft corn tortillas. I like it and my diet likes it too! The meat was a teensy bit tough, but the flavours were really good. I ordered it with a side of refried beans that I shared with G, as the dish didn't come with any sides, and I like to add the beans to my tacos.

My last bite was actually a crazy hot jalapeno, and it set my mouth afire! The beans were really good, a little spicy and really creamy. I love refried beans, and for some strange reasons, they love me...

They don't look so great, but they were awesome! G had the chorizo enchiladas. There's are weird, they come in this bowl-y casserole dish, but it's good.

She gets the green sauce for the top. It's really nice, the lettuce adds a crunchy bit (of course, when I order it, I get it sans lettuce because I hate lettuce in food that's not salad), and the sour cream is artfully squeezed on top.

It's weird because to get to the patio, you have to walk through the kitchen. I wonder if that's some sort of health violation? Well, at least they aren't afraid to have you peek inside! Today, we say lots of marinating veggies for the veggie dishes. They looked dang good, too!

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