02 May 2007

Scarmoza and Potato Ravioli TRIUMPH!

When in London (I am sensing a theme here), as I have already mentioned, we ate at Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen. There, G had an amazing potato and scarmoza ravioli in marjoram butter sauce. G has talked about making it every since, and last night was the night.

She 'cheated' on the ravioli by using egg roll wrappers, but we rocked the scarmoza. I was working late last night, so I have no idea how it was made... but man alive it was delicious!!!!!

It was really really good. Scarmoza is a lovely smoked mozarella, in case you, like me, were wondering.

G knows I am not a fan of the big green salad, so she made up a little salad of boccicini, local tomato, cucumber and peppers, in a lovely balsamic and oil. It was so tasty...

G really outdid herself, and on a weeknight no less. Really, it was so fantastic. The picture of the ravioli doesn't do it justice, but it was really such a great meal. Well done G!

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