30 May 2007


G made a delicious dinner tonight... Every Veggie in the House Frittata!!!

The ideas were planted last night when G and I were trying to come up with some ideas for a full dinner for tonight using some of the asparagus we received. We received it both this week and last in our CSA box, and hadn't been home to use any of it. So we came up with the frittata idea. While I worked late, G made another culinary triumph!

This was a beauty. In yesterday's CSA box we got these incredibly delicious little potatoes, they are so sweet and fresh. She boiled three of those and sliced those into four eggs, a dash of milk, cooked mushroom and red pepper, asparagus, chives and a little bit of cheddar cheese dotting the top. It made two big servings...

And here's my attempt at highlighting the delish factor of this dish...

You can see a little bit of everything in this picture. And the great thing was, it tasted great and was good for us!!! It's been good. All these reviewing of new recipes in the magazines and websites and blogs that I read has been really good for coming up with some ideas when all seems lost. Plus, it helps pull us away from thinking of dinner in terms of meat, starch, peas. (I am from South of the Border, after all.)

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