27 May 2007

Just another Manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

So my plans to post last week did not come to fruition. I worked late every day, and have been out of town since early Friday afternoon. But, as I am home now and dead tired from the longish drive home, I thought some blogging would fill in the time brilliantly.

Last weekend (which seems like months ago), I went home. Ahhh. It's a struggle when I go home between wanting Mom's cooking, and wanting to eat at the restaurants that I miss from home... It's all good.

Anyway, I flew in and had a massive craving for Zio's Artichoke Spinach Pasta. Yummy. So that was stop number one.

This is their Artichoke Dip with pasta, chicken and diced tomatoes. It was so terrific. It's creamy and the chicken is perfectly grilled. It's really just a lovely dinner. I couldn't eat it all, but I gave it a good try. This is one of my most favourite dinners.

We also ordered pepperoni bread, a Zio's classic.

This is a lot like a calzone. It's really terrific, though this bout of pepperoni was really greasy. My whole family loves this, so it was a must get item.

It was really a lovely lunch/dinner. I enjoyed having the pasta and sitting in the restaurant, which is familiar. I had a great view of the open kitchen...

We were pretty much finished from here...it was a heavy meal after having just flown in, so that night, I pretty much conked out on the futon. It was so great to be home when it wasn't the holidays. I really miss seeing my family, and so it was nice to sort of reconnect with my roots. As Dar sings, "there's some things I finally faced, I finally think I come from someplace" -- that's more or less how it goes, and it runs through my head while I am home.

More to follow.

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