27 May 2007


I wanted to have breakfast, and as Mom and my brother don't eat breakfast out very often, we decided to go to IHOP. I have to say, we decided on IHOP with a little bit of dread, but at the same time, we were going to be out all day, so it was necessary to get a solid breakfast going.

I had the IHOP rip off of the MoonsOverMyHammy. It was solid. But the hashbrowns had a long way to go to get to good.

This picture isn't good, and I didn't check it, so oops!

I don't lie. Bland, eh? They needed ketchup. LOTS of ketchup.

My brother had sausages wrapped in pancakes, which he declared to be delicious!

Mom had biscuits and gravy, which she said were very good, as well. Though if you know me, you know that my biscuits and sausage gravy are the BEES KNEES. Oh yeah, they are THAT good.

I am sure Mom's cardiologist would have had his own coronary had he seen Mom eat this, but she didn't eat it all, and we had a good long walk afterwards.

So the next time I go home, we are going to cook up a storm. As I may have mentioned earlier, my Mom's been quite sick and is just getting really solidly better, so I didn't want her to have to stand around and cook all weekend. But next trip home, it's all cooking all the time.

My last day there called for a solid lunch to get me through the whole day. I picked Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler for some delicious hamburgers because, sorry to say, Canadian hamburgers just do not compare.

Oh yeah. Grated cheese, crispy bacon, phenom pickles, lightly toasted bun, and a hamburger made out of meat with just salt and pepper. No breadcrumbs, no eggs, no nothing but hamburger meat goodness. You can see the big handcut french fries, but I didn't take a solo shot. But I did take an innard shot..

Really nice.

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trupti said...

I miss IHOP....they don't have one in Newfoundland.
great pictures though.


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