05 May 2007

A quiet night and Friday night.

This week has been a bit hectic, so the food pics have been sparse. We had a going away lunch at the office and I was too shy to take pics of the food, the blog's not something I necessarily talk about at the office...

Anyway, Wednesday was an easy night, G was out at a concert I didn't want to go to, so I took that opportunity to have no dishes and a relaxing lie about. President Choice makes a "blue menu" chicken and spinach pizza. One pizza is 500 calories, on the smallish side, and absolutely fantastic. Instead of being cheesey, it has little blobs of ricotta that are really lovely.

As you can see, it's not overly spinachy, just enough to give it a little flavour and make you feel virtuous. The chicken is plentiful, and there are roasted red peppers and add a nice touch. Honestly, I could eat this pizza all the time. Unfortunately, when G and I went to Loblaw's today, there was nary a box of this pizza in sight. Grrrr. That's just how good they are!!!

Last night, we had a big dinner at G's parents house. G's mom pulled out all the stops and made everyone's favorite, Yapraks. It's kind of like dolmades, but with ground beef AND rice inside, stewed with beans. It was fantastic.

G's mom must have been rolling grape leaves all day, because we had this whole big thing, and she said that there was this much again in the kitchen! She served this with rice and also made roast chicken and roast vegetables for the little kids, but the little kids love the yapraks, so it wasn't necessary! I ate roast potatoes and carrots because G's mom makes the best.

Otherwise, it's been a slow food week. We had brunch with a friend at Sneaky Dee's but as I have spoken about this before, I am not going into it here... Otherwise, it's all good.

As I have also mentioned before, I read alot of British food magazines, and they have lots of ads for Fairtrade foodstuffs. Now, I don't see that we have tons of Fairtrade items available here in Canada, and I guess you do start to get into that quandry regarding buying local vs buying Fairtrade vs organic. It's hard to say what's the what. We are buying almost exclusively local produce right now, though we aren't diehard about finding organic. But if there were Fairtrade bananas for example (which don't seem to be for sell here, but feature prominently in ads in the British mags), I would buy that over something that's neither local or organic.

Anyway, I suppose this is the battle we all have. Email me (or comment) your suggestions.

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