08 May 2007

Spring Rolls, Chicken, and Mexican.

Sunday night, G and I went out for dinner to Spring Rolls, a bit of a Toronto institution in terms of the chain asian restaurant. I ordered what has to be one of my all time favorite dinners... tom yum kai soup with steamed white rice. I usually order spring rolls, but tonight we opted for two different types of dumpling, one lightly fried and one steamed.

The soup is great. It's a really flavourful spicy/sweet broth with floating chili's pieces of chicken, mushrooms and tomato just melding together to make a fantastic dinner. I really like to have it with rice, where you can just pour some of the broth onto the rice and eat the whole thing up. Yummmmy. It's really such a lovely soup.

I did take a picture of the rice. But it's a white bowl of white rice. Nah.

I ordered a roasted rice green tea. The presentation here is key...

It's odd and never overwhelmingly hot, but it's still good. G had ordered the Thai tea or something, which looked really....neon.

G ordered what used to be my fave thing at Spring Rolls. The beef ho fun. It's delicious fat rice noodles cooked dry with beef, egg, bean sprouts, gigantor onions, and delicious mushroom soya (I think). It's such a nice flavour, and I had the best of both worlds, since I stole a bite of G's. She brought the leftovers home for lunch and said that they were still good a couple of days later, so it MUST be good. (I had no soup left...)

Beef ho Fun, please present yourself!

And there you have it.

Last night, we wanted to have something easy peasy, so we sat out some organice free range local chicken and baked that with a tiny bit of the President's Beer BBQ sauce, served with chickpea salad and the ubiquitous frozen peas. G made some bok choy from our CSA box for her dinner, but as I don't like bok choy, I did without.

Here's the chicken breast version...

And for those of you who are thigh folk....

Oh yeah, and a mountain of peas. What can I say, another good meal from G. I have just had the will to cook. It's good that G gets home before me, because it means dinner isn't too late, but I miss cooking. And the last few weekends have been crazy... oh well. Do for me, buy for me, lift me carry me... (I love Funny Girl!)

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