08 May 2007

What's in YOUR fridge?

The food blog becks & posh posed the question... what's in your fridge? Now I am a bit envious of their orderly and swanky looking fridge.

Mine? A mismatch of everything under the sun. Don't believe me?

There's wine, and veg, and organic milk, and leftover spaghetti in convenient lunch sized portions, bubbly water, stock, condiments, hemp oil, whey butter, weight watchers berad (1 point for TWO slices! score!), leftover yaprax, just peanut peanut butter, organic free range eggs, tons of cheese in the drawer ... yikes. We never want for variety.

Also, if you are so inclined, please scroll down, I have made a few posts this evening... check out the cute pic of the cat eating onions...

All the best!!!

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