08 July 2007

Brunch at Cora's.

Last weekend, G and I went with some friends to Cora's for brunch. Cora's is a Montreal institution, and the one in downtown Toronto is pretty new. Our friend suggested it, and as they are wildly known for their crepes, G and I eagerly agreed!

The restaurant is in the part of downtown that is dead on the weekend, but there was still a line to get in. However, the line moved really quickly, and we managed to get a good table that comfortably fit all four of us. Now aside from the fact that they had two different breakfast selections that featured frankfurter, the menu was really tempting. Their placemat was cute, too, so of course, I took a picture...

I could not make it not glare-y, but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, breakfast was pretty darn good. I had the Bobby Button, which is a crepe 'sandwich' filled with egg, bacon, cheese and tomato, served with home fries and fruit.

It bothers me, because this doesn't look appetizing at all. And really, it could have been presented better. Like Pat's breakfast.... I mean, it was beautiful!

The breakfast doesn't look so good either, actually. But it was. It was french toast brioche (brioche french toasted?) with bacon and one poached egg and a massive amount of fruit. Lovely. He seemed to enjoy it, and how could you not!

G had a spinach, cheese and tomato crepe, which looked alot like the 'sandwich' but had no potato and a triangular slice of cheese on top...

Also, doesn't look good. Now my photography ain't all that, but I think Cora's new motto should be, 'tastes good, looks blah'.


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