05 July 2007


As fun foodies, G and I flocked opening weekend to see Ratatouille. Oh my goodness. What a bunch of cuteness. It's the story of a young rat who experiences food and loves it, gets the opportunity to live in Paris and start a new life in the food world as a sort of sous chef for a formerly great 5 star restaurant. He makes a friend, Linguine, who helps him out...

The movie was great. The animation is amazing, and crystal clear, with beautiful city shots of Paris. And the message is good, although I can honestly say that I don't want a meal cooked by rats, even though the may be genius rats. But the best thing was that the voices were totally not familiar. It was not like watching Shrek or Aladdin, where you are constantly aware of Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams, or whoever.

I highly recommend it. Even when it's boring, it's beautiful, and it's not ever so boring that you wish you weren't there. Everybody wins.

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