08 July 2007

Yan can cook and so can G!

G is a whiz when it comes to dinner. Me? I am tired after work and will almost always suggest quickly grabbing some thai food and being done with dinner. But not G. She hates spending money on eating out when there are things to be made at home, so I often just stop whining about not wanting to do dishes and let her cook. The result? With rare exception, delicious food.

I mentioned the leek risotto a few posts back. My brother liked it so much, he is planning on making one of Jamie Oliver's risotto recipes for my mom! G, she changes lives, I tell ya! So here it is...

It was really tasty. And I didn't even whine when I did the dishes. I soldiered on like the big girl I am.

G and I have different food tastes. I love pasta and she is lukewarm to it. I love alfredo, she could never have it ever in her entire life and be fine. But, as a treat, she made me a low-fat alfredo with garlicky mushrooms. Oh yeah. I don't know what was in it, I think she got the recipe from the internet (you should really look into that internet thing, it's gonna catch on!) and tweaked it a bit. She used this crazily wheat-y whole wheat spag, so it's all a bit of a weird colour, but the taste was out of this world...

And it is true, I do like food served in bowls. I don't know why, I don't think we ate many meals out of bowls when I was a junior, but for some reason, sitting down with a big bowl of something tasty just makes me happy.

For part three of the 'G rocks and she's all mine' posting... yesterday, I was plagued by a terrible migraine, and G made my favourite... albondigas with rice. Albondigas are a Sephardi recipe that G's family brought with them from Rhodes (via Africa) and I absolutely love them. Again, food in a bowl... I don't know...

Yummmmmmmmmmmmy. The meatballs are simmered in a tomato sauce with wine and love. G makes 'red' rice, meaning she puts a little spoonful of tomato paste in the water before putting in the rice. It gives the rice a little different flavour.

Anyway, yeah. That G. Tomorrow is G's birthday, so give it up for her! I am taking her out to Mistura, so if you are in the area, stop by and say HI!

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