27 July 2007

Cook with Jamie.

I decided to make the Pappardelle with a ragu of tiny meatballs last weekend. I was in the mood to embark on a recipe, and am always drawn to delicious spag and meatball recipes. Biggest issue with this dinner was the meatballs. The sauce was amazing. You slowly cook the plum tomatoes with a pierced whole chili. It caused a really spicy kick to the sauce that really went into high gear with the next day...

And you might notice that there is penne rigate and not papardelle. But, you use what ya got.

So the problem with the meatballs...they called for the zest of one lemon. And MAN, they were SO lemony. Maybe I just had some crazy over the top lemon, but it was really a bit too much...

For those of you who love Jamie, you MUST get Cook with Jamie. Even if you don't like Jamie, you must get it. It has some amazing everyday recipes, and some great information on how to prepare different types of food, etc. It's really very amazing. I got my copy at the Cookbook Store. And I love the cookbook store...it's got everything. I try very diligently to buy all my food magazines from there, in an effort to support my local businesses. It is a great store with a wide selection of hard to find cookbooks. I love it!

I love to cook and find that it can be really relaxing when I am stressed out and need a break. I was listening to the 'The Golden Compass' while cooking away, letting the sauce bubble, rolling meatballs, tuned out to the world. It was a great day.

Which led into a very stressful week. Which led to late nights. Which led to...

Yes. It led to pizza. In fact, G phoned me and when I picked up in the office she said, "J, one word. Pizza." And it was ordered while riding the subway home.

Now the pizza was lovely. But the box had a big old advertisement for Tag cologne or whatever it is. Which seemed too much. Is it that difficult to be slightly away from advertising while trying to chill out, watch the Prisoner of Azkaban, and not have stinky cologne ads on my cardboard box of highly processed pepperoni and sausage cheesy pizza. Sheesh.

So it's Friday, and G made some zuke salad and albondigas for dinner. The old standard, and back to the food in the bowl.

And for the steamy diggers...

Two meals in one week in a bowl! SCORE!

So I am pouring through Cook with Jamie and my new More Recipes from the French Market for something fun to cook on Sunday. We are going to the market in the morning, so I want to get the fixings at the farmer's market in the morning. I just have to decide what to make.... I am torn between Lamb and White Bean Stew or Stew with Potato and Rocket Cushions. OR Gnocchi with mushrooms. Hmmmmmm. I will have to see how it goes in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

I hope if you're cooking with Jamie that you try out some of his fantastic fish recipes!


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