15 July 2007

Indian Food!

My friend Rickie came to meet us the other morning for coffee, and showed up with a delightful bag of goodies that she had made the night before! It was an assortment of pork curry, goat curry with potato, Indian donuts and a huge bowl of rice! The food was amazing. The pork curry was dry (not saucy) pieces of pork that were so delicately spiced as to just quietly explode in your mouth...the goat curry (of which I am not a fan, but I had the potatoes and veg) was absolutely delicious, far better than Indian takeaway. G made some raita to accompany the curry's, and lunch was enjoyed by all...

You can see the little bits of everything. The pork, though, was just amazing. We don't have *any* pork in our house due to G's religious beliefs, and I must say that I do miss it. The pork nuggets really hit the spot... Here's a closer look...

Thanks Rickie!!!

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