05 July 2007

Fast Food.

I may have mentioned, I have been on Weight Watchers for about two months now. I've lost about ten pounds, slow and steady, and it's been really good. Lunch is a hard one for me, so I have had to really become diligent about bringing my lunch to work. On the days that I forget, I tend to go to Subway.

And let me start by saying that I really hate Subway. As G says, how do they make freshly baked bread smell gross?! But, it's really low points, and I found a sandwich that I don't hate. It's the Steak and Cheese, toasted, and it comes in at 7 points. Not too bad, especially since I rarely seem to eat breakfast! Here are the innards,

Now, you may notice that there is no lettuce on this sandwich. While I kind of like salad, I really hate lettuce on sandwiches or anything else that gets the lettuce hot. I can't stand the smell of hot lettuce! When I used to go to Sonic (a drive-in hamburger place in the South), I could smell the hot lettuce if they got my order wrong without even opening the packaging! So no lettuce. But otherwise, while it's not cheap, it's a thoroughly satisfying lunch.

My other fast food meal of champions... McD's breakfast. I used to love McDonald's, but have sort of given it the boot in my life. In fact, I have only had McD's lunch once this year! That's a record for me! But the other morning, while G and I were going to pick out tiles for our new kitchen (we're reno-ing!!!!), we stopped at McD's for breakfast.

On order? The egg, bacon and cheese bagel sandwich. (Don't even get me started on the points involved!) It was okay. When you don't eat McD's all the time, it really loses it's appeal. But I still remember my first McD's breakfast ever. My brother was in the All-City Spelling Bee. I was little, maybe 5 or 6. D spelled the word 'carrying' wrong, and was eliminated from the Bee. Dad took us to McD's right after. I had my first Egg McMuffin. It was like heaven had opened up and smiled upon me. It was absolutely delicious and started a love affair.

Anyway, the McD's bagel sandwich.

One thing I love about living in Canada is the bilingualism. Even McD's gets in on that action...

Gosh, I just realized... I AM loving it! Ba da ba ba baaaaa.....

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