19 July 2009

Babycakes (or in my house, $@!cakes.

Yesterday morning started well. I went to the store while G was playing soccer, spending my children's inheritance on ingredients for Babycakes' carrot cupcakes. As I said before, I had those cakes at the bakery itself and they were unbelievably good, so I was very eager to give it a try.

I found all the stuff, going to a few different stores to get all the necessary ingredients, and then came home and started making cupcakes. They smelled great while baking. And then they were finished. And we tried one, and it was gross. Not at all sweet, extremely cakey, just not good. We thought, well, we'll ice them and that will up the sweetness. Except the babycakes icing I made didn't turn out at all. So G, with her family gathered in the next room for her birthday, whipped up some regular frosting. And thank heavens she did, it was the only edible thing on those g-d-forsaken cupcakes.

I know that with baking, sometimes you have to keep trying, but with the exorbitant costs of the ingredients in those little cakes, I doubt I will try again soon. The one bright spot, our niece A said last night, "I don't blame you, J. I blame the cupcakes." Sigh. I blame them, too.

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