18 July 2009

The Intrepid and a Good Bowl of Chili.

G and I got to NYC pretty early in the morning, went straight to our hotel, got to check in early, and then headed out into the city. On the agenda, cupcakes (naturally) and a visit to the USS Intrepid.

Let me jump in now to say that I have a great pride in the military. My father spent most of his life in the military and I am in absolute awe of people who give so much of themselves to protect the rest of us lazy goons. But I don't enjoy military *things* like movies, museums, books. That being said, G really wanted to go to the Intrepid, and who am I to say no?

But first, LUNCH!

Our hotel was right by Grand Central Station, so on our way to the Intrepid, we stopped into the Food Court. It was a nice little luncheon area, and I was immediately drawn to the chili store. I had the Real McCoy with a mini corn muffin and a big glass of fresh brewed iced tea.

You also go two sides, so I picked sour cream and cheese. It was a non-bean chili, just absolutely wonderful bowl of chili with crumbled up corn muffins in there. So lovely.

Off to the Intrepid!

The Intrepid was quite cool. It had a totally fantastic mess hall that was restored to its former glory.

It looked like any regular regular kitchen, really. Lots of silver, huge bowls, huge utensils, all geared up to make a meal for a large group!

After you leave there, you go on to seeing the fantastic dining area...


And after all that excitement, I had to take a nap on the bunk beds...

Okay, I didn't really sleep, but the bunk beds were a total crack-up and I just had to lay down on it. G took a picture... We also monkeyed around in the lander...

I didn't know this little girl was, but she was in the lander with me...

G hung out on the canoe...

The big blue mat was for making it rock around!

Good times were had by all!!!

So we looked at a million different planes, a submarine, a Concorde, the flight deck of the intrepid, and crawled through a bunch of little tunnels... and we watched a movie about the Intrepid's place in history, and we both got a little weepy... it was good times.


MenuManiac said...

Looks like an interesting visit!

dynagrrl said...

Thanks! It was!

G said...

And they cooked 3.500 meals at a go in that mess hall!! Holy smokes, batman.


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