31 July 2009

'WichCraft Gets Ya Every Time.

It's really not the rhythm that's going to get you, it's Tom Colicchio.

Yes, that's right. Evil Tom Colicchio. We're harmlessly, wheatlessly walking through the streets of Manhattan and G spots the 'WichCraft logo and of course we have to stop. And never mind that it's all crazy expensive, I can't afford the steak house so it's a 'wich for me.

I look at the menu and settle immediately on the no-brainer, meatloaf sandwich. AND OH MY GOODNESS WAS IT FANTASTICALLY COSMICALLY DELICIOUS! Meatloaf with gooey cheese... no really, look...

With very crisp bacon and my all-time fave condiment, tomato relish. Be still my rapidly beating heart. It was so amazing. The sandwich was warm but not crazy hot, the bread was a bit too thick, but the meatloaf was amazingly tender but firm, holding up well to the sloppiness of the relish and cheese. The bacon was very crisp and salty, really ideal bacon.

It was great, though honestly, this sandwich could have fed two people. It was my morning snack! (You can see why I gained ten pounds while I was gone. Thank heavens for the Wii EA Active for getting me out of bed and pumping some sort of iron.)

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