17 July 2009

Taking a Bite Out of Big Apple Delights.

New York City. I love going to NYC to visit, and this past four day trip was no exception. While I did fall way off my no-wheat regime (thank heavens for only being gluten intolerant!), I also got to take in some of the more virtuous gluten-free offerings.

First up, Babycakes Bakery. Of course, as an eschewer of all things wheaty, I was very familiar with the Babycakes phenom and recently bought the cookbook (and will be making my first g-free treats from it tomorrow for G's birthday!). I was so excited to be going to NY and to having the opportunity to try the bakery that we went the very first day we were there!!

For those of you who don't know, Babycakes is a vegan mostly sugar and gluten free bakery in NYC. It's received a ton of press, including winning NY's best cupcake a few years back. There have been some complaints that she uses too much spelt, etc., but she's upfront about not having celiac, etc., and I think (as someone in the same position) that you make the best you can out of the situation and her cookbook offers something for a wide-range of people suffering from a wide-range of food intolerances.

I was not disappointed. I had an idea of what was on the menu because I had read the cookbook and persued the website...and I pretty much knew what I was going to be eating long before I opened the door. And there they were... beautiful cupcakes...

Oh yes!!! YES YES YES!

In the back, we have an amazing chocolate cupcake with a wondrous vanilla frosting. So chocolatey that you could hardly stand it! But in the front. OH MY WORD FOLKS. The front cupcake was amazing. It was a carrot cake with vanilla frosting. And I could eat my weight in them. It was so amazing.

The cupcakes are light, moist, not at all crazy crumbly like the g-free cupcakes I've made. There was absolutely no weird g-free flour flavour or anything of the sort. It was all kinds of good. Delish.

So what are two girls to do after g-free cupcakes?


Yum!!!! (Terrible terrible terrible picture coming up.)

Man-made mascarpone rice pudding. I dream about this stuff. G and I shared this massive bowl of the good stuff. And then waddled our way to do some shopping. Rooster table mats and a new purse! Good times were had by all. VIVA LA NEW YORK!

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