01 July 2009

Chinese Takeaway? No way!

I know I've mentioned it, but I am addicted to food magazines. Particularly British food magazines. But I confess that I don't cook out of them as often as I should. I am trying to change that, making at least one thing from each magazine that I buy (not necessarily the ones I subscribe to, that's asking too much). From Delicious Magazine, I made the following:

Cashew beef with broccoli and egg fried rice!

It was super easy to make. We used some of our CSA meat (top sirloin), sliced it (too thickly), then you brown it in the pan. Take it out, mix three tablespoons of chili sauce with two tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of ketchup and some water in a separate container. In the pan, fry garlic and cashews for a minute, then add in the sauce. Let it thicken for a second, put the beef in the pan with some broccoli (I left a few big pieces for G and then chopped the rest of teensy for me). Let it heat through and you're laughing!

For the rice, we just cooked some rice and let it cool. We cooked some green onion, peas and garlic scapes in some oil and then added the rice to coat it. You make a hole in the center of the pan, put in two beaten eggs and scramble it lightly, then mix it all together with some g-free soy sauce. It couldn't be easier!

It wa a great meal. Controlled g-free, which was excellent when I a watching my wheat, delicious and FULL of vegetables. It made four good sized servings. G absolutely loved the rice and said she'd eat that on it's own anytime! That's good because we frequently have leftover chicken and stuff, and that's a great way to use it all up. So woo hoo Delicious Magazine! What a great easy dinner!


MenuManiac said...

Looks and sounds delicious!

dynagrrl said...

Thanks! It was great! :)


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