25 July 2009

Eating by the Water.

After heading out to the South Seaport in New York City, we had no idea what we were going to eat but knew we needed to grab some lunch. We wer starving!!

I have this weird issue with restaurants. I don't want to eat at chains as a general rule, but I am always leary of places I haven't heard of. It's an issue. So at the Seaport, we were walking around looking at the shops and the restaurants and decided to go to this Latin restaurant that had decent (read: cheap!) lunch specials.

We walked in and were seated straight-away on the patio overlooking the water. It was quite windy which made it slightly cold, but it was really a beautiful sunny day so I didn't mind at all.

First up, drinks for a vacationy Friday by the water!

G had a pina colada...

And I ordered a mojito...

My mojito was nothing but alcohol so I would take a sip and then let the ice melt for a bit, then take a sip. Sad to say, not being a big boozer, I did not get through even half of this delicious drink!

The specials were basically a soup or salad starter and a large plate of meat with rice and beans. Sounds good to me!

First up, we both had the gazpacho.

This was crazy garlicky. I am not a huge fan of gazpacho as a general rule. 1) it's cold and I don't particularly care for cold food. 2) It often tastes like a bowl of salsa, and really, I don't need to eat a bowl of salsa with a spoon. Give me chips or give me death, or something. But this was actually pretty refreshing. It was very fresh tasting and was a nice way to start the meal.

Following this, our mains came. G had ordered the chimichurri beef with no beans (she can't eat legumes of any sort any more) and when they sait it down, the smell was amazing.

The beef was pretty thin and very savory with an amazing sauce that G mixed in with everything. The onions were slightly pickled and really delicious.

I ordered the slightly less glamorous but very delicious chicken.

It was pretty plain, a grilled chicken breast or two with a slightly smokey chili sauce and a pyramid of rice. I also got beans, but wanted the pinto beans over the black beans. I mean, really, pinto beans slowly cooked with chorizo and onion over regular old black beans for the EXACT SAME PRICE. Don't waste my time with the black beans!!!


The chicken was a bit dry (which I quite like sometimes) and the beans added a nice smokey flavour. Really delicious.

We were quite full after this delightful meal and were well prepared for our continued walk around the city! I highly recommend this place for a cheap delicious lunch, it's on the top floor of the seaport shopping centre. I don't remember what it was called...

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