29 July 2009

The Carbs Won Big.

So yeah, the Shake Shack killed me. It forced wheat down my throat and made me totally crave even more wheat. And once it's out the window, the window gets slammed shut with my will-power looking in like a whiner. So forgive this next meal...

We met up with our friend C (so nice to see him and his Buffy/Edward shirt... my peeps!), and went on a walking tour of the Lower East Side. My stomach was GRUMBLING and I was starving. My good g-free intentions were no match for C's restaurant choice. It had, he said, an amazing mac n cheese. So yes, I had to have it. With a side of fries. My arteries are still clogged....

Wow. My heart was racing and I was already feeling guilty about the stomach upset to come...but then the innards called out, and I was hooked...

Goodbye guilt!!!

Oh, and those fries???

YES! They were so crispy and well done. I absolutely loved them. Yum!!! Go C! Thanks for a great day!!! You rule!

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