29 January 2010

Another Roast Dinner...

Rotisserie chicken...how did I ever live without you? Truly one of my most favorite things at the moment is to buy rotisserie chickens for dinner ideas. Whether you eat it plain, mix it in tacos, chop into baked pasta, whatever, it's so easy. And at Reither's grocery store, I can at least feel marginally good about the whole meat thing.

The other day, I stopped on my way home and bought just such a roast chicken, and brought it home. Turning the oven on warming, I kept my bird warm while I made some fixin's. Quick cook polenta (LOVE IT) and a quick cook of grape tomatoes and quartered fresh mushrooms, and dinner was served!

Come on, look at that great chicken dinner!!! (And I know, the plate comes out blue because my colour is all off. If I ever can stop buying stuff for losing weight, I promise to buy a new lens and a flash...)

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